Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Relocation

Well its happened again.  4 years in one place is just too damn long.  Thats right, Cleveland, OH will be my new home.  For those of you chrome scholars out there, yes I will be in steelhead alley.  Better than fuckin Tornado Alley.  Every once in a while our lives require a healthy mend.  Some things we run away from, some things we run away to.  Fish have always been something I ran away to, but its never been healthy to run away from something else to get them.  So take away the Else (ironic).  Now all we have is fish and me and of course my trusty Setter Chaps, a few rods and gear, some decent guns, a truck, some basic posessions, a decent job and a clear reason to get the hell out of here (finally).  Operations will be conducted from my new place in Lakewood, OH.  Cheers!  -H.C.