Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Drop the Gloves

Where I'm from, 30/30 means: "Its time to break out some Winchesters." 

Well apparently MUCC feels the same way.  Fighting the good fight the way us anglers know best- 30 species in 30 hours. 

Watch, remember, donate or write.  Get active, get serious, and get on it before its too late.  Don't let this resource be something I can only tell stories to my children about.  You think an oil spill is bad?  Just wait.  Oil doesnt swim. 


  1. H.C., Some great footage on that MUCC video...just posted a pledge! btw/I like the recent updates to the blog layout.


  2. Thanks Scott! Appreciate you stoppin by. There are more updates in the works, but they're on hold now until Trout Camp is over! Thanks again for taking the time to pledge.