Monday, May 24, 2010

Police Report

1400hrs May 23rd, 2010- A tan Toyota pickup towing a small unidentified camoflage vessel was observed traveling south on I75 at a high rate of speed near the town of Grayling.  State Troopers pursued the vehicle for almost an hour when they lost contact after being led down a sandy logging road near the intersections of King Road and Sunset Trail.  Recovery efforts for the disabled police cruisers is ongoing.  The pickups occupants was said to be one English Setter with priors of cardiac larseny and one unidentified male believed to be in his mid twenties wearing long underwear, shorts, and flip flops.  They are considered armed but not dangerous and known to frequent fly fishing shops and boat launches  Both are wanted for questioning in connection to a recent outbreak of terrible luck throughout the Northern Michigan area as well as the shortage of Whiskey.  If you have any information as to their wherabouts, please contact the MSP.

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  1. If the male in the long underwear is aprehended I hope the court sees fit to put the setter on a tether and restrict him to my house.